Asterisk is the powerful tool for building a call center solutions and systems. With the support of the IVRs, outbound calling, live monitoring, call queries, and reporting. Asterisk take in the virtual that it’s need in creating a call center. Even informal or call center is capable in building a call center by using a single asterisk server that is deployed from a turnkey IP PBX. The call centers are generally makes a cluster of Asterisk system structure to scale as the business grows. A call center worth a legacy of ACD systems is frequently used Asterisk as an attachment that serving as the IVR front end to a skill-based solution.Some considerations while creating a technology platform for a call center is migrating the VoIP in general and telephony. Asterisk is the dominant hybrid PBX that provides the exceptional performance in telephony platforms with its seamless interface to the same VoIP and TDM.